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Take a Look Inside the Cockpit of a Real Japanese YS-11 Airplane!

The YS-11 was the first Japanese-made passenger plane put into service after WWII.
After retiring from service as a flight tester for the Civil Aviation Bureau,
this YS-11 was used as a learning tool for the Aerospace Systems Department of nearby Sojo University.
Starting in December of 2014, the YS-11 was put on exhibition at the Aso Kumamoto Airport.
On the 2nd Saturday of every month, the interior of the YS-11 is opened up to the public.
Get your picture taken suited up in a pilot’s uniform (kids only, please), sitting in a real YS-11 cockpit with your hands on the controls.
And for the real plane geeks out there, this YS-11 is especially rare for having a special-order APU (electric generator) installed onboard!
I hope someone gets how cool this is!